is the EASY part…

Hey there, I’m Kevin, an Atlanta native that has spent the last 20 years of my life obsessing over capturing timeless moments through a lens.  My company Capitol Photography is the southeast leader in commercial property photography, and in my spare time I love to engage enthusiastic clients on special projects.

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A little about me

After finishing art school at Creative Circus, I worked with a myriad of photographers in Atlanta, finally taking a full-time position with Steve Hogben Photography, an established high-end commercial real estate photographer throughout the Southeast market.  After 10 years with Steve, who became a dear mentor and friend, I decided to kick off and start Capitol Photography.

Got an idea?

I’m always on the hunt for creative projects and if you’ve got an idea, let’s connect.  I don’t shoot weddings or residential listings, but if you’re looking to capture some exceptional personalities, still life, architectural, or natural experiences drop me a line.